REIT NFTOn BlockchainReal Estate Investment Trust - REIT offer instant liquidity, are safe, offer diversification, and are affordable, too.METAIN REIT NFT is the most secured Asset-backed NFTs with real-world properties providing APY 15-25%.
Benefits when buy REIT NFT
In compliance with North America regulations
REIT NFT represent a digital certificate. A serious valuable asset backed NFT
Trade on any compatible marketplaces
Bank Custodian to protect retail investors
Passive dividend incomes through REIT Smart Contract under stable coins
Internal P2P REIT NFTs Marketplace for quick profit gains
Suitable for any budget with min $10
How Investor Make MoneyBased on Financial Forecasts and Profit Projection from 2023 to 2028
Co-Investment Platform
IRR: 15 - 25%
Annual dividend yield:
2.0 - 4.0%
in either USDC or USDT dollars
P2P Marketplace
Base on suggested price.
Bid-ask spread is 1 - 1.5% per transaction
MEI Asset Management (VOT1 & VOT2)
INVESTMENT CRITERIALocated in centre business districts of big cities (HCMC, Hanoi)High liquidity, easy to transfer property ownershipHave full legal documents (land certification, house usage certification)The land/ house should have parking slots and easy for rentingPlans to expand operations in emerging markets (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam…)
Vietnam Opportunity Trust1 CONCEPTServiced apartment with vacancy rate of 85%Managed by MEI inhouse management team or MEI's partnershipHolding term: 5+1+1 years
Stay tuned, we will public more information about MEI TOKEN after INO on September
METAIN can secure your wealth and protect it from bear markets and volatility.
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